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Continuing Legal Education Society of BC Continuing Legal Education Society of BC The Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Society of BC ( focuses on professional education and ongoing development for British Columbia lawyers and their support staff. CLE’s mandate is to meet the present and future educational needs of the legal profession in B.C. with a goal to develop lasting relationships with every lawyer in the province. CLE offers over 75 courses/year covering every aspect of the law and publishes over 40 books that are comprehensive, reliable and practice oriented.


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The Challenge:

As the primary education society for the legal profession in the province, the CLE Society of B.C. was looking for creative ways to expand their reach, product base and distribution system that was cost-effective, and allowed for maximum flexibility and minimal delay.

While producing content has never been an issue, finding a more user-friendly and locally based, broadband streaming provider to partner with were prime concerns that needed to be addressed.

“We needed a hands-on local partner to help us work through some challenges” notes Margarita Garcia, CLE’s Website coordinator, “and INSINC more than fit the bill on a variety of levels.”

The INSINC Solution:

CLE captured and packaged all delivery of live seminars and engaged INSINC to develop a software solution for the ongoing management and delivery of these seminars on a play-on-demand basis. In collaboration with the CLE, INSINC developed a database driven content management system to accomplish these goals.

Using its proprietary MediaDEX software system, INSINC developed a custom-designed, branded interface that allowed CLE to self publish the seminars including editing each session by subject and/or speaker with annotated index points. The system also stored images and related data using multiple software applications such as word documents, power point presentations and spreadsheets.

INSINC’s solution not only gave CLE the ability to expand its editing services to better fit the needs of the end users, but also did it faster, better and more efficiently.

“Our MediaDEX software allowed CLE to slice and dice its archived material as they saw fit, managing and repackaging it to create maximum efficiency for its core client constituency”, noted INSINC’s VP Operations, Ron Cuthbert.


The Result:

The new system has lived up to all of CLE’s expectations and then some. The quality of the end product has noticeably improved and the “turnaround time” has increased dramatically.

“What used to take 2-3 weeks for a six hour video file, is now done in less than a day” Garcia said. “Being local, you never get the feeling that you are dealing with some faceless bureaucracy where you are lost in the shuffle. They pride themselves on their customer service and they are well prepared to go that extra mile to help us solve any problems that may arise. I would heartily recommend INSINC to any other similar organizations who are looking for creative broadband solutions.”