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Vancover Film Festival Vancouver Film Festival This critically acclaimed festival is one of the largest in North America, featuring 300 films from 50 countries and drawing close to 200,000 attendees. INSINC webcast the 18th and 19th Vancouver International Film Festivals.

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The Challenge:

The Vancouver Film Festival board wanted to generate broader media coverage of press conferences and the annual Film and Television Trade Forum, to find innovative ways of promoting films, and to sell tickets over the Internet.

The INSINC Solution:

INSINC encoded preview clips of 30 different films, which visitors to the VIFF website could watch on demand, and then click to buy tickets. Press conferences, the Trade Forum, speeches and other special events were webcast and archived on the site, so members of the media and the public had convenient desktop access.


The Result:

The Festival's website was incredibly popular, media coverage of special events increased, and the Festival had one of its most successful years ever.

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