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Western Hockey League Western Hockey League The WHL is an amateur league working in conjunction with the Canadian Hockey League and the Hockey Canada. The League has 22 teams in four Provinces (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia) and two States (Washington and Oregon) providing exciting top level Jr. hockey to fans.

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The Challenge:

Traditionally, the WHL has had difficulty getting its games on TV.  "We have an agreement with Rogers Sportsnet on national games (shown across Canada), but their focus really is on national events," says Robison. "Where we've had a void is coverage of our local games."

With approximately 100 games being broadcast on community television, WHL wanted to increase exposure of it’s product to hockey fans around the world.   Given the amateur status of the league, capital and operating costs surrounding the implementation of a broadband distribution system for the Internet posed financial and logistical challenges outside the scope of the leagues normal operating capabilities.

The INSINC Solution:

INSINC proposed the installation of specialty video encoding equipment on site in all 22 WHL arenas.   Each video encoding unit is configured with INSINC’s Encoder Provisioning System (EPS) which enables remote scheduling and control of the video capture devices.    For most games a Scout Feed captured by WHL officials is captured and merged with an audio play-by-play feed.   When television quality signals are available, they are captured and delivered to fans outside of normal TV viewing areas.

In order to attract as many fans as possible, INSINC and the WHL created a wide range of viewing packages, from per game views, to live monthly passes, to full season live and archive passes for all games from all teams.  Prices range from $6.95 per game to $249.95 for a full season pass.

Archived games can be viewed by coaching staff and scouts from strategic review purposes. They can also be viewed by fans that missed the live game.


Example Player:

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The Result:

The WHL and INSINC entered into an innovative revenue sharing agreement.  Instead of contracting out the service to INSINC for an upfront fee, the WHL and INSINC jointly created a pay-per-view business model that addressed mutual business objectives.   Subscriptions for WHL action reached a level in year one that established a healthy revenue stream to the league.

The WHL avoided what would have been costly start up charges normally associated with the deployment of pay-per-view video processing and payment infrastructures. And perhaps most importantly, fans are able to follow their favourite teams away from home throughout the season.