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For information on becoming an INSINC Partner, contact us by e-mail at or call 1-888-922-6722.

INSINC’S new media streaming platform incorporates proprietary software tools, designed specifically to meet the unique needs of major sports franchises and leagues, entertainment companies, and niche content providers to manage, publish, and distribute high quality video content over the Internet.

INSINC’s streaming platform services are currently employed by major sports leagues and media and entertainment companies including the Canadian Football League, the Ontario Hockey League, the Western Hockey League, RDS (French Language Broadcaster of the Montreal Canadiens), the Canadian Television Network (CTV), Business News Network (BNN), Rogers Sportsnet, and TVG Interactive Horseracing. INSINC’s new media streaming platform services empower its partners to extend their brands in the new digital global market place and to enhance overall customer satisfaction in a cost effective manner.

INSINC’s new media streaming platform can be integrated with Content owner’s and content provider’s existing online platforms and Web sites eliminating the need for millions of dollars of capital investment in additional infrastructure and functionality. INSINC offers content-owning partners a proprietary and feature-rich streaming platform for the delivery of live programming over the Internet. As an innovator in live, online video, INSINC provides a powerful suite of solutions to complement any content portfolio.

INSINC is also interested in forming strategic partnerships with other companies who’s technology or services complement our new media streaming platform. Our partners help us create comprehensive solutions in order to improve and enhance the management, publishing and delivery of audio and broadband video content over the Internet.

We enable our partners to:

  • Monetize content – Grow your business by utilizing pay-per-view or subscriptions based offerings.
  • Create competitive differentiation – Set your business apart by providing an online presence.
  • Expand their online business – Expanded relationships, resulting in incremental sales