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Event Webcasting Event Webcasting INSINC offers a full complement of live event services, delivering fully managed and Web-based, automated solutions for government, education and business. If you prefer to do your own project management, the INSINC platform of Web-based applications is available for clients who prefer a self-service solution that is easy-to-use, cost-effective and reliable.



Event Webcasting

vlink Pro


Case Studies
BC Ministry of Education

Continuing Legal Education Society of BC

Vancouver International Film Festival

Dalai Lama Center For Peace and Education



With a fully managed webcast, the following services are provided in order to assure that your event is highly successful:

  • Project Management
  • Web interface customization
  • Event production
  • Signal capture
  • Encoding
  • Content Delivery Network
  • On-demand archiving
  • Reporting

Should you select the self-managed, automated application, INSINC can customize the support options from the above list in order to meet your needs.


  • Expand the reach of a meeting.
  • Increase the number of participants for a meeting.
  • Reduce travel expenses.
  • Increase organization effectiveness.
  • Contribution to a green environment.
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