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Content Delivery Content Delivery The INSINC network has direct peering to multiple carriers and access to over 15,000 servers in over 66 countries. INSINC’s content delivery services efficiently deliver broadband content to the highest service levels available today.


Media Capture

Media Management

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Content Delivery


The Center of Hockey

BCAMT Interior Math Conference

Government of Alberta


  • INSINC uses a proprietary geo-targeting solution in order to restrict viewing to specified geographical areas based on the IP address of the user.
  • Support for multiple streaming media platforms, including Real Networks, Windows’ MediaPlayer, Macromedia Flash and Apple QuickTime.
  • INSINC can receive and distribute content through secure Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVC) and Virtual Private Networks (VPN). For enterprise customers, video content can be delivered to corporate networks via ADSL, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and satellite services.
  • The INSINC proprietary, live stream monitoring service with reporting tools offer a convenient updates of key metrics.


  • Flexible network provisioning
  • Access to sophisticated control tools

WMV 9 and Silverlight, Flash and H.264

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