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Media Capture Media Capture The media capture facility enables receiving of live and archived media from anywhere in the world. INSINC's remote scheduling and capturing services provide the ability to control media from any Web-enabled interface. The live media production system is entirely automated for pre-event testing, live production, monitoring, archive publishing and editing.


Media Capture

Media Management

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  • EPS Scheduler is a Web-based interface used to program and access all event scheduling details in the content management database. Events can be entered just-in-time or well in advance of the actual event.
  • EPS Agent is an encoder-side application for controlling and managing streaming media encoders. EPS Agent runs both on INSINC in-house and remotely managed encoders as well as customer owned and managed encoders. Provisioned encoders can be located within INSINCís broadcast operations center or at remote venues throughout the world.
  • EPS Controller is an enhanced interface for EPS Agent. In addition to being able to control multiple encoders through a single interface, EPS Controller can also be used to synchronize multimedia presentations and to manipulate server-side playlists.
  • EPS Resource Manager is used to maintain detailed technical information on all production hardware resources. All signal acquisition devices and encoders are entered into the Resource Manager for tracking and allocation.


  • Easy to use
  • Automated
  • Remote management capability


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