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Media Management Media Management With the media management solutions, media can be readily stored and managed. Content providers can access INSINCís proprietary video management tools via the Web in order to control their content. Indexing or chaptering points can be inserted, making media more accessible in real time or for editing later.


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  • vlink is intended for content upload of on demand video content. With the vlink management system a user can easily upload, categorize and tag Windows Media clips using a single, Web-based interface. A user can create and delete media categories, easily organize video inventory, including the ability to move files between categories, add descriptions and insert keywords in order to facilitate easy searching of content. A fully managed database storage system enables a user to upload files for immediate posting to a Web site.
  • MediaDEX is an online media editing application that interfaces directly with the database archive records, enabling users to remotely edit program files into smaller segments for audience viewing. The MediaDex editor enables Web site editors to manage archived streaming media files, create playback segments, and add title information. Upon submission, the metadata is stored in the content management database, and can be used to dynamically generate published material through template-driven online media players.
  • MediaDEX Live Event Tagger enables the marking or tagging of video or audio content in real-time for future indexing. Live Event Tagger is used to create archive playback clips from live streaming media in real time.
  • MediaDEX Content Uploader facilitates direct uploading of existing archived video content into the INSINC Content Management Database. Video clips can be uploaded and synchronize with PowerPoint presentations in minutes.


  • Video assets can be reviewed, edited and managed by non-technical staff
  • The tools are easy to use
  • Get fast turnaround times in publishing rich-media segments to the Web.



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