Vancouver Network debuts on the web

Monday, July 14, 1997
RPM Music Publications

Networking on the net doesn’t just stand for making contacts anymore but for making involved content specific websites geared toward broadcasting calling itself an “internet based entertainment development and distribution medium the Vancouver-based Dowco Entertainment Network (DEN) is the newest such network, distinctive in that it is dedicating itself to making an entertainment industry collective on the Internet. 

The network can hardly be criticized for lacking ambition. The DEN’s main objectives are nothing less that to create a national (potentially international) infrastructure of affiliate internet based broadcasting facilities, establish the intent as a viable delivery medium for audio and video delivery, develop audio and video content for syndication over the ‘net and establish and develop an advertising model for the DEN and affiliate locations. 

Like many of the new sites currently setting up shop in cyberspace, DEN is showcasing the newest in streamlining technology (real-time audio and video) through a series of live audio and video programs available at the site. Already the virtual “station” is broadcasting live shows worldwide 24 hours a day and is planning to branch into non musical specialty  cyber “channels” including sports, talk radio and professional development. 

DEN has already gotten off to a big start by delivering the first radio program to a Canadian radio station of the Internet, the Retro-Rock Request Show picked up off the ‘net by the forward looking folks over at CKGF. Other shows have since followed and are continuing to get on board. Here is a partial listing (still under construction_ of what is currently happening at what will undoubtedly be the next mouse-magnet site on the ‘net. 

  • Retro-Rock Request Show w/Tom Lucas
  • Real Power Hits w/ Mick Lovzit
  • Big Al’s Dance Party with Allan Holender
  • Soulful Sounds w/Jared Reamsbottom
  • Gospel Train w/ Wally Robinson
  • Beauty Link w/ Rita Dominelli
  • Treasure Island w/ Micheal Godin