Your Best Bet to Hollywood:

Thursday December 21, 2000

Vancouver, BC — It isn’t easy to break into the entertainment world, and the folks who work there like to keep it that way… except for Larry Sugar and his revolutionary new project, (

Formerly a top Hollywood executive at CBS (president of distribution and acquisition), 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., Lorimar and Republic Pictures, Sugar is now an independent powerhouse, splitting his time between Canada and the US.

Launched earlier this month,, an “entertainment incubator” is accepting scripts and story treatments until March 15, 2001. There is an $85 (US) application fee that pays for the professional coverage report (writers have the option of posting this on a secure site for prospective buyers).

Shortly after the March 15, 2001 deadline, Sugar will personally select the 15 hottest story submissions. He will option the material for one year and work directly with the filmmakers and writers in an attempt to bring their vision to fruition on the silver screen or television.

For the first time in Canadian history, fifteen unknown emerging talents will be given the unique opportunity to work with one of the industry’s most prolific and esteemed executive producers. Moreover, the entire process will be documented online at Laura Watt, CreativeCrib Inc. VP Marketing explains, “We want to expose the entire filmmaking process… ‘from incubation to graduation’ – so that other writers and filmmakers get familiar and comfortable with this essential process.” Watt adds, “We are building a portal to nurture, develop and produce creativity.”

Aside from the 15 filmmakers who make it as finalists to the Larry Sugar Master Class, the other submitted material will not go to waste, but be posted in a password-protected marketplace where film executives, broadcasters, distributors, producers and financiers are continually scouring for new material to produce. While Sugar has first dibs on these, the database will officially launch in March, once the 15 finalists have been selected.

Sugar’s new Vancouver-based company, dcinema Entertainment Inc. (, was formed with creative democracy and artistic integrity at the forefront. Both Sugar and dcinema co-founder & President, Daniel Frankel, are very excited at the prospects of finding “the next hot property,” and discovering new promising and emerging talent that are destined to shape the future of entertainment.

Along with producing traditional filmed entertainment properties, dcinema’s focus is on “digital convergence” (hence the “d” in dcinema). The company is currently partnering with Vancouver-based Interactive Netcasting Systems Inc. (INSINC). INSINC ( will co-develop and co-produce interactive media and iTV programming to augment the company’s traditional entertainment content. In addition, dcinema plans on casting their shows online, allowing actors to submit their head shots and resumes while audiences vote for whom they believe will best suit the roll. “We are building and establishing our core audience even before our shows are produced, let alone released,” says Frankel; “We are also streamlining the process to benefit both the promising talent out there, along with ourselves. A combination that is mutually beneficial!”

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